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Thank you for your interest in the Targa City Sprint

Entry to the Targa City Sprint is now closed.

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Ross, Jan & David
Targa West Pty Ltd




Driver First NameSurnameYearMakeModelClass
DanielSmith1990SubaruLegacyPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
RichardEvans1998SubaruImpreza STI RAPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
AndrewArmstrong1976Datsun260zPre 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
James Wilton 1992Subaru Liberty RSPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
ShaunTapper85Commodore VkPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
PeterBergman1990MazdaMX5Post 1986: up to and including 1600cc
JohnCousins2000HondaCivicPost 1986: up to and including 1600cc
RachaelFerrante 1995Subaru gc8Post 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
IanFarmilo1975Fordescort Mk2Pre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
StanWilkins1993HondaIntegraPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
lukestreat2003nissan350zPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
JeremyPavlovich2001Mitsubishi Evolution Post 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
MarioMonachino1968fiat500Pre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
HiginPrazmo1988HondaCRXPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
TIMCORR1970FORDTWIN CAMPre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
Ryan Le Tessier1999SubaruWRXPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
deniscoomber1981hallidayjf2Pre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
AlbertoPizzi1978FiatX1/9Pre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
ShaneRodger1992HondaCivic EGPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
RobertoRossi2018Abarth595Post 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
NigelBall2019Tesla3D+Post 1986: up to and including 1600cc
GlennScotter2000MazdaRX7Post 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
DarrenArndt2019TeslaModel 3Post 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
MattJames-Wallace1993NissanR32 GT-RPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
JamesMason1969TriumphSpitfirePre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
lancecarwardine1981SuzukiHatchPre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
PeterHarrold1978Datsun280ZX CoupePre 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
RolandLaval2006FordFocusPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
longlai1997SubaruWRXPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
DaveDrury2017FordGT MustangPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
TimothyHiles1997SubaruWrxPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
CamPuzey1989SubaruLegacy RSPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
BradChapman1998SubaruWRX STI RAPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
NathanMacmillan1996SubaruWRX Post 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
DamianHeaton2008MitsubishiEvo XPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
PaulBevis1978FiatX1/9Pre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
AndyHamilton1977Triumph2500Pre 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
LyellCosta2014MercedesA45 AMGPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
BrianEyre1984Peugeot205 GTiPre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
Michael Brandt 2002MazdaRX7Post 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
HarleyCraig1993HondaCivicPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
VinceTroth1979FiatX19Pre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
Anson Troth1997SubaruWRXPost 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
lucagiorgella1958porsche356aPre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
NeilHarris2003MazdaMx5 Post 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
GregoryWillimott1973TriumphTR6Pre 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
LoganMuir1973FordMk1 Escort Pre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
NathonMcLaren1995SubaruWRX STiPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
haydenking1996nissanr33 gtstPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
STEVEVASS1971DATSUN1600Pre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
BrendanCrock1990toyotacelica gt4Post 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
BenThompson1992SubaruRS LibertyPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
FrankFerrari2013ClubmanFT01Post 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
JustinLee2011MitsubishiEvo XPost 1986: 4WD over 2000cc
BobSchrader2010SylvaRiotPost 1986: up to and including 1600cc
KurtBAUR2010PorscheSpyderPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
dickWard1967fiat abarthtcrPre 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
SethHigson1982HoldenVH HDT WgnPre 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
DanScott1998Nissan200sxPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc
AllenSloman1973ToyotaCorollaPre 1986: up to and including 1600cc
FinnHolland1982ToyotaCorollaPre 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
DarrylBentley2014Toyota86Post 1986: 1601cc to 2000cc
DonCameronTBALanciaStratosPost 1986: 2WD over 2000cc